What a beautiful trip it was!

We are so happy to have found the Cherg team: Maryem, Cherif, Mustapha and the charming couple from Dar Hannan and to have shared this experience with our sister-in-law and our nephew for whom this escapade in the south was a first. The landscapes were spectacular, the stages well paced, the food delicious and the accommodation top notch. Cherif and Mustapha discreet and always attentive. As great professionals, they allowed us to make the most of this stay with perfect control on the road whatever the driving conditions and giving us as much information as possible to enhance the course. The dunes of Chigaga kept all their promises with 2 nights under the stars despite a sandstorm that reminded us how much we had to remain humble in the face of the power of the elements. We will keep excellent memories of this trip and are happy to have once again trusted Cherg to accompany us.