Explore an Amazing & Timeless Culture

The hustle and bustle of Morocco is, for most travelers, a world away from their own homes. Part of the excitement and wonder of travel comes from new experiences. Don’t be afraid to get outside your comfort zone and learn more about the fascinating Moroccan culture.


Souks, or traditional markets, are a way of life in every city and village in Morocco and you won’t have to go far to find one. You can often get good bargains at souks, and haggling is a part of the experience.

You may find that you will soon start to make friends with the locals. If you are invited to a meal, keep in mind some of the local customs. For example, you will usually take off your shoes when entering a house. You can follow your host’s example in this regard.

Also it is traditional to take a gift. A home invitation is perhaps the most authentic way to sample Moroccan food and lifestyle and locals love to host you in their homes. Most Moroccan dishes are traditionally eaten with the hands with bread as the utensil. If you are invited to join someone for a meal and you want to eat in the traditional manner, you should always ask to wash your hands first and eat with only the right hand. Most host will offer utensils for your use, but if not, feel free to ask.

Be cautious when taking photographs of local people. It is best to ask permission first. Taking a photograph of someone without their permission – especially in rural areas – can cause offense, and they may ask for a small amount of money. In contrast, taking photographs of someone you have become friendly with is usually very welcome.

Moroccan culture is an exciting and worldly experience. The people are friendly and the landscape is colorful. Hospitality is truly a part of the culture so you can strike up friendships virtually anywhere.

Cherg Expeditions Explore Moroccan Environment


Morrocan and especially beach and desert vegetation and environments are extremely vulnerable. Vegetation can survive with water deficit, high temperatures, strong wind, salty and clay soil, but not the effect of tourism. Every trace left on plants will stop their growth for a long time and put the environment in the real danger. Please remember the number of animals diminishes  with decrease in vegetation whereas the number of tourist is growing fast.