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For tours of any length or number of people, find the right adventure to feed your wanderlust and explore all the wonders of Morocco.

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Choose from a variety of our handpicked accommodation options. Whether simple or extravagant; each one offers a unique type of experience.

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Uncover unforgettable experiences with native guides and experts that will immerse you in Morocco's vibrant culture.

The Itinerary Was Wonderful

May 23, 2024

I am writing to thank you for sending us on tour with Cherif as our driver and guide. Everything about our five day expedition was great. We saw so many beautiful parts of Morocco and Cherif was knowledgeable and very kind. He made everything so easy. The itinerary was wonderful. We intend to send all…

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Escape to Morocco with Local Experts

All of our tours highlight protecting the delicate environment and culture in Morocco.

Our tours are guided by local experts who help immerse you in the culture, habitats, traditions, and philosophies of the people of Morocco.

All of our staff members in the field are native to Morocco. This gives them unique insight into the exotic culture that we tour.

Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Find adventure in a beautiful landscape filled with amazing culture. Learn about Cherg Expeditions and how they are your premier Morocco destination management company.

Venture off the beaten path! Cherg Expeditions offers travelers an incredible and unique opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of a world completely different from their own.

Imagine waking up early to watch the sunrise over the Atlas Mountains or Sahara Desert dunes or camel-trekking across them as the sun sets 


You have options when touring with Cherg Expeditions. All aspects of our tours can be tailored to your needs or desires. Boutique hotel, riad, guesthouse, desert camp, or other options are all available to you.

When travelers think of the desert, they often assume it is uninhabitable. However, nomadic culture has been thriving in the Sahara Desert for thousands of years. Our local guides give travelers access to information and areas that would otherwise only be familiar to locals.


Morocco offers an exotic adventure waiting for you to explore


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Interested in planning a trip that includes relaxing under the stars, learning about other cultures, and satisfying your wanderlust in one of the world's ancient countries?

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