Experience the Sahara with the perfect level of comfort.

Escape to a World of Enchantment & Beauty

Cherg Expéditions has all our bases covered with your comfort and pleasure in mind. We understand that everyone has a diversity of expectations when they travel and take vacation, and we aim to meet as many of those wishes as possible. Keep in mind you can mix your accommodation and stay in the permanent camp some nights and the mobile camp on other nights.

Cherg Expeditions Customize Accommodations in Southern Morocco
Sunset at a nomad camp.

Nomad Camps

Immerse yourself into the beauty of the desert.

Our nomad camps, permanent and mobile, consist of all the traditions of a nomadic lifestyle without moving by night. You will have a chance to break free from the vacation norms and enjoy amazing desert vistas,

Cherg Expeditions Comfort Camp Accommodations

Comfort Camps

Unwind in an upscale and unforgettable experience.

Our comfort camps are a great alternative for travelers who are interested in an more refined camping experience. Our comfort camps consist of tents that outfitted in traditional Berber style with enhanced amenities. 

Cherg Expeditions Local Lifestyle Accommodations

Local Lifestyle

Expand your worldview with a touch more spontaneity.

Try your hand at haggling at the souks, learn the language, and take part in rituals. Our local lifestyle option lets you make a personal connection with the people of Morocco and gain a deeper understanding of the everyday life.

Nomad Camps

Aspects from nomadic culture are embraced in our nomad camps. Nomad camps, a liberating alternative from the traditional hotel experience, has an awe-inspiring appeal to those of us wanting an authentic experience.

Our permanent camps are arranged in a circle in the traditional nomad way. Our mobile camps can be set up virtually anywhere. Depending on guest preference and expectation, we use both permanent camps and mobile camps for our tours, and sometime a combination of both.

Our camps also include a restaurant/lounge in a separate nomad tent with traditional mattresses and poofs for the ultimate leisure experience. Along with traditional amenities, our camps, located within sight of incredible panoramic views of the dunes, allows you to enjoy an authentic nomad experience.

Cherg Expeditions Nomad Camp Accommodations

Our camps are outfitted in traditional nomad style, decorated with unique Moroccan carpets, and local furniture. Each tent is large and comfortable and includes all the necessary bedding and are lighted either by the candles or solar energy. A nomadic camel trek and activities are also included.

Traditional meals are cooked on a deadwood fire and bread is baked in the sand, a nomad tradition. Dinner, along with tajine and ceremonial nomad tea, is served in the glow of the campfire while enjoying the desert silence and the vastness of the night sky under stars. Watch the sunset from the sand dunes before dinner and enjoy the evening around the campfire. You can choose to spend the night in a nomad tent or under stars.

Our nomad camps are located in a beautiful, secluded area with sand dunes and trees. Camps are tailor-made for those who want privacy and comfort. This is an unforgettable experience and not to be missed!

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Comfort Camps

Cherg Expéditions is dedicated to providing unique lodging resources that demonstrate its commitment and respect for sustainable local ecosystems which facilitate the economic development in M’Hamid El Ghizlane. Through this commitment, Cherg Expéditions establishes respect for tourism clients as well as the local culture and economy while continuing to build its reputation as a philanthropic organization.

The product is comfortable camping, a relatively new concept that combines the amenities of a hotel with the solitude of camping. Comfort camping is a one-of-a-kind experience where you can stay in an extremely unique accommodation with the Sahara Desert as the amazing backdrop – all without sacrificing comfort. Comfortable camping is a way to connect with the surrounding environment without having to rough it. It is a trend that appeals to virtually all types of travelers for the following reasons:

Cherg Expeditions Comfort Camp Accommodations

It's Ecologically Friendly

With comfort camping, less is more. Accommodations take advantage of the surrounding elements of nature while keeping the environment in mind.

You Can't Get Any Closer to Nature

Our comfortable tents will allow you to connect with and experience the Sahara Desert in an unforgettable way while escaping from the pressures of daily life. Step out of the tent and into the serenity of the oasis, the mountains or the mystical Sahara Desert; always a magical setting, with brilliant stars, shimmering panoramas, intense colors, tranquility and immense dunes.

The Adventures Are Endless

Whether it’s music, culture, the unique environment, dromedary caravans, traditional nomadic cooking, spectacular sunrises and sunsets or the peaceful setting that is of interest, we can design the ideal experience for you.

Comfortable camping also appeals to older travelers who may have physical ailments or limitations who still want the camping experience but are uninterested in sleeping in a sleeping bag on the ground in a tent.

Depart to an Enchanted Land

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the everyday and explore the wonders of the Sahara desert and Southern Morocco with experts in ecotourism... while still enjoying a few creature comforts.

Local Lifestyle

Live a day in the life of a local! Local lifestyle (also called homestays) is a wonderful alternative to hotels and camping because it allows for an authentic travel experience. During your visit, it is possible for you to stay in a traditional Moroccan house, perhaps in a kasbah or even in the oasis. Discover first-hand the local lifestyle!

Immerse Yourself in a Beautiful Culture

Experience all of wonders that Morocco has to offer and learn why so man have a passion for this land.

Cherg Expeditions Local Lifestyle Accommodations

The Local Lifestyle option offers you the opportunity to create personal connections with the people of Morocco. It will give you a deeper understanding of the everyday life of the locals. Local lifestyle also provides cultural exchange opportunities and allows for total immersion into the local languages.

Take advantage of local lifestyle opportunities to expand your worldview and improve the lives of locals. Homestay accommodations create a symbiotic relationship with local families.
It’s not expected, but you will be encouraged to participate and learn how your local lifestyle family carries out their daily responsibilities.

This might include learning to cook traditional meals, helping villagers with animals, fetching water, shopping at the souks or harvesting food.

Become enlightened on their spiritual traditions and rituals, and take part in social activities. You might even get invited to attend a wedding or fete.

Experience holidays, home rituals and general interactions in families. Learn the way they communicate with each other, greet each other, share meals and how things are set up in the house. Learn what locals like to do, where they like to go, and their activities throughout the day.