Best FAM Trip Ever

I’d like to thank you for an outstanding fam trip of wonderful Morocco. We enjoyed every moment of the trip. The sites and hotels were fantastic and the food oh so wonderful!

I can’t believe we saw so, so much and got to experience so many different restaurants (still dreaming of the burrata at the last Casablanca luncheon; that was a meal all by itself). We got to experience so much!!! Loved the hotel choices too – even the smaller ones which we found “Moroccan” charming!

The Moroccan people are so kind and inviting with their sweet smiles.

Abdel was an outstanding tour guide – always so congenial and patient! Ahmed was an awesome bus driver, and we enjoyed our helpful Mounir. They’re one great trio!

Thank you again for putting together one of the best FAM trips I’ve been on in over 50 years in the travel biz.