Why Us? Because We Don't Put You In a Box!

Cherg Expeditions is an award-winning tour agency and destination management company creating customized tours based on your desires. We take care of all the complexities and logistics of planning your tour, so you can simply enjoy it!

We are owned and operated by industry experts from the United States and Morocco and have been providing tours of Morocco for over 21 years. We put our guests first and specialize in custom luxury tours that take them places not found elsewhere.

All our tour planning begins with a personal conversation with you. Whether you’re looking for culturally immersive experiences, retreats, culinary inspiration, destination weddings, MICE events, or exclusive and unique places to stay, we make it happen. Understanding your vision is our priority so we can give you the tour of your dreams. All of our tours are private; we don't put you on a bus with 50 people you have never met before. You can explore on your own schedule, not that of others.

Our destination experts are people with deep, local knowledge, having lived, worked, and traveled extensively throughout Morocco. Our team travels regularly to source and individually vet each activity, accommodation, and experience that we offer.

Cherg Expeditions' team of experts includes local nature and city guides that are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, drivers, cameleers, and staff members who are at your disposal to help you discover the wonders of Morocco. Don't be afraid to ask questions and get to know the staff as they are here to provide you with a rich and unique cultural adventure.

Whether it be local shopping, cooking classes, music, camel trekking, hot air ballooning/paragliding, hiking, quads/buggies, or just knowing where to find the best traditional couscous, hammam or henna treatment, we're here to help.


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