Experts in Ecotourism, Morocco & the Sahara Desert

Cherg Expeditions was born from the will of a local team of desert nomads to introduce provinces of southern Morocco and the Sahara Desert to the world. Cherg has expanded its operations and now provides tours in all areas of Morocco. With rich experience, our knowledge and our relationships, we can offer a wide range of excursions and information only accessible to locals. All of our staff members are native to Morocco and/or the Sahara Desert and have unique insight into the culture that we tour.

Cherg Expeditions’ team of experts includes local nature and city guides that are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, cameleers, drivers, and staff members who are at your disposal to help you discover the wonders of Morocco and the Sahara Desert. Our team will proudly share their knowledge inherited from Bedouin ancestors and from personal experience gained by being residents of Morocco. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get to know the staff as they are here to provide you with a rich and unique cultural adventure.

Because we serve and accommodate guests from all over the world, it’s important that we are able to communicate and meet your needs without important details getting lost in translation. Our team is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and of course Darjeea (Moroccan Arabic).

Bren, our owner, oversees all of our operations, with a focus on destination weddings, luxury and agency tour operations. Our staff members have been with Cherg for up to 15 years.

Cherg Expeditions has been providing tours of Morocco for over 20 years, and specializes in working with both agencies and direct clients, handling all aspects of the land tour.